How content marketing helps Finance industry

Most people do not trust finance industry! As per a survey, 27% say that they trust, 30% say they don’t, and remaining say they are unsure. While these figures present a marketing opportunity, it is more about generating trust and less about creating awareness. But the good news is, most of the people say that they trust a finance company if it produces excellent content. In finance, like in any other industry, it is not always the new customers, but it is also the existing customers with whom the company needs to nurture the relationship and create various touch points. How you can outperform industry benchmarks with content:Increase social engagement: Read more

11 Simple yet effective edits to instantly improve your social media content

Improve it before it is too late!You are proactively promoting your business on social media but still could not find answer to one big question, ‘Why am I not getting traffic on my site in spite of being so consistent and spending a fair good amount of money’. Is it really that tough, or am I heading in the wrong direction, this is a question that you constantly ask yourself.As a marketer, you understand that it is tough to write powerful social media copy to grab attention and win hearts of your visitors, what best you can do is to Read more

8 Things your customers would appreciate if you know about them

How well do you know your customers? It requires a good amount of research in social psychology to understand customers behavior, however we have zeroed down on eight points to give you an insight on what things make your customers glued to you.. read on.. 1. They value ‘Good Service’ more than ‘Fast Service’:ICustomers who experience a competent, knowledgeable and an all encompassing service are likely to feel good about the service and chances are more that they will refer to their friends. 2. They love ‘Personalization’, they are likely to pay more for it:Focus on ideas which are more personalized, be Read more

5 Slide Makeovers you should include immediately in your presentations!!!

Do you agree that good looks inspire not only more attention, but somehow it generates more trust too, isn’t it? And this hold true not only for people we meet, but also for the visual content that we come across daily.An interesting study done by Melbourne University found that people engage with website much like they interact with people.  When we meet strangers the very first time, we have a sudden anxiety and curiosity to know more about them, similar goes on with the first interaction the visitor has with our website or any other visual content, they pay attention Read more

6 Awesome steps you can take to increase traffic to your website

I insist on bringing more and more traffic to the website, simply because the more traffic you have on your website, more are the chances of getting potential leads and generating more conversions. Till now, we have discussed things like Social Media, PPC and doing an analytic study to understand from where you are getting traffic and to get potential leads out of it. But, from this blog you will learn 6 different yet not-so-unique but less practiced sources of generating more traffic to your website. Let us unveil one by one:1. RESEARCH THE COMPETITIONI guess you must have done this Read more

5 Ways in which your visual content can keep your visitors hooked

Still not really appreciate the importance of visual content and thinks that it is just an icing on the cake when it comes to bringing traffic to your site. I am sorry, but you are wrong and this is the only reason I wrote this blog, to make you realize how important it is to have visual content and how it will bring traffic to your site. It is one of the most creative way through which you can leverage traffic to your website.First, some facts, a research says that 65% people today are visual learners, by this it means Read more