How to Make Your Small Office Look and Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

How content marketing helps Finance industry

Most people do not trust finance industry! As per a survey, 27% say that they trust, 30% say they don’t, and remaining say they are unsure. While these figures present a marketing opportunity, it is more about generating trust and less about creating awareness. But the good news is, most of the people say that they trust a finance company if it produces excellent content.

In finance, like in any other industry, it is not always the new customers, but it is also the existing customers with whom the company needs to nurture the relationship and create various touch points.

How you can outperform industry benchmarks with content:

Increase social engagement: Simply posting on social platforms is obsolete! Marketers should try new methods to reach their customers, such as:

•    Though leadership blog:

•   Content marketing technology platform to manage workflow, measure and distribute content

Educate small business owners: With NBFCs having their primary focus on SMEs, it has become essential to educate the small business owners. Things like how to better manage a business or how to curtail down expenses and generate more revenue will be helpful. The ultimate objective should be to inspire readers and encourage them to purchase products.

Follow a segmented approach: Don’t just hit, but hit with an objective and keep in mind a granular customer segment. Divide your audience into the lowest possible segment, by geographies, gender, age group, income level and business revenue.

Engage with compelling stories: Rome was not built in a day, nor was any brand! Engage customers with enthralling stories of how you become a brand, what challenges you faced, how you overcome, how your team supported etc. and your customers will feel even more connected. Also, tell them stories of how a right financial decision can help them reach their business goal.

Optimize Content: It is not necessary that you do everything, instead, hire or outsource a high-quality talent. Not only this, but also make sure that you use a trusted analytics tool to optimize content so that you will never go wrong.

Visually appealing content: Make videos, PPTs, and infographics your friend for life if you are in the business of selling business loans, personal or home loans. They are the simplest yet the most effective way to reach your customers. They are created on the principle of KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet). The content should represent company’s values, helping customers make an informed decision.

Create more sales focused content: The primary objective of a sales focused content is to better help the sales team in a presentation to the clients. It includes newsletters, case studies, white papers, research papers, slides decks or any form of interactive infographics.

Content that increases site traffic: Can you do without SEO? The answer shall be ‘No.’ SEO when done with the right objective, it ensures that you get maximum traffic and that you become a preferred brand over your competitors.

Social media engagement, thought leadership blog, SEO, interactive content is few of the content tactics in the hands of finance marketers and entrepreneurs. When done with the right objective and planning, it is sure to strike the chord.