How to Make Your Small Office Look and Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

5 Slide Makeovers you should include immediately in your presentations!!!

Do you agree that good looks inspire not only more attention, but somehow it generates more trust too, isn’t it? And this hold true not only for people we meet, but also for the visual content that we come across daily.

An interesting study done by Melbourne University found that people engage with website much like they interact with people.  When we meet strangers the very first time, we have a sudden anxiety and curiosity to know more about them, similar goes on with the first interaction the visitor has with our website or any other visual content, they pay attention to fonts, color themes, layout, images etc. and judge the site by its aesthetics. A person with lesser taste for colors and design can also judge the site and can clearly say whether it is good or bad.

The same goes for presentation slides. If the slide is loaded with unnecessary elements, like fonts, images, huge chunks of text and animated effects, it is not going to impress, let alone convince–anyone of the truth behind your words, no matter how insightful your message is.

Today, we are going to share with you that how much design matters when it comes to that important pitch, so next time when you develop a new presentation or get it developed from an agency, you know which points to take care of.


1. Nothing without background:

Check the two images below, one with a cluttered and out-of-fashion design, where the content is not easily visible and the overall effect is getting dull, a complex background with textual content distracts from, instead of reinforces, the main message. Now look at the better version of slide, a color overlay at reduced transparency can help bring out the content in the foreground.

Just place a rectangle behind the text but in front of the image and decrease the transparency. The box can occupy the entire background or just the text box area. The result is as shown, which is much easier to read. There is a notable increase in the contrast between the font color and the background and less visual noise.


2. Just one image per slide:

Do you know that putting more than one image on a single slide not only kills the message that you want to put across, but also it is annoying at times for the audience and all they feel is that it was more of image and less of content that was shared. The goal of any presentation is always to make the message clear. See the images below, you will understand what we mean.


3. Divide and rule:

Now this one is interesting, have you ever paid attention to the placing of images and text in your slide. Follow the rule of 3x3, by this we mean, first divide slide into a grid of 3x3, place the image on the first grid, and text on the remaining, this way you will do justice to both image and text. This allows the eyes to move freely around the canvas instead of resting in the middle.


4. Avoid generic photos:

Agree or not, this is the era of eye-catchy images that will set your presentation apart and will put your message across to your specific customers, keeping this in mind, avoid generic photos, cluttered and low quality pictures, they create a negative impression and sometimes kills the whole sanctity of your presentation. Also, be specific with images and do not be too general, images below will tell you what we really mean:

Since your photos don’t need to explicitly state everything you want to communicate, you can instead subtly suggest an idea and let the image speak for itself.


5. Word art is a perfect ‘no’:

Nothing has lost its charm as the feature of word-art in MS-PPT. It is unattractive, non-classy and less professional.

To show you how a bland slide can be converted to a classy one, we removed the word art and instead replaced it with a dark blue gray color with low saturation and then used a cleaner and more professional font. See the difference yourself.


Now, incorporate the ideas we just shared on your next presentation, success is bound to happen. We would love to hear your thoughts and reactions. Just drop us a mail at