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11 Simple yet effective edits to instantly improve your social media content

Improve it before it is too late!

You are proactively promoting your business on social media but still could not find answer to one big question, ‘Why am I not getting traffic on my site in spite of being so consistent and spending a fair good amount of money’. Is it really that tough, or am I heading in the wrong direction, this is a question that you constantly ask yourself.

As a marketer, you understand that it is tough to write powerful social media copy to grab attention and win hearts of your visitors, what best you can do is to keep on editing content as part of the creative process which is otherwise ignored.

Through this blog I am making an effort to share with you some wonderful and easy hacks to improve your social media content:

Pull you socks…..


1. All attention on readers:

We normally write copies focusing on our products, schemes and offers, we seldom write copies focused on our readers, which provide an instant reason to them to visit our site or at least read the entire content that we posted. For example, in place of writing ‘Buy our product before it gets too late’, write ‘Buy our product if you really care about your health’, this way, readers feel that there is something for them in the product to at least give it a try. It is important because there is a limited digital space that you and your competitors both are vying for, so make most use of it by focusing on your specific readers.


2. Make you reader anxious to read:

How? Build curiosity, just don’t write everything in the headline, leave a gap, it will make your readers anxious to read your post, give them some cue, so that they will get interested to read. For example, in place of writing, ’10 things that will help you generate more traffic’, write ‘Are you not getting enough traffic to your site, these must be the reasons’, it will make your readers read your post, if they are really looking for some tricks to bring more traffic to their website.


3. Write stories:

Stories are a good way to engage with your visitors and give them some food for thought to think about. A good trick is to treat each post as a story with characters who carry out the actions. Let us say, your site had gone down slow due to technical reason and you want to inform your visitors about the downtime, now, in place of simply writing, ‘we are experiencing some technical difficulties, kindly accept our apologies’, write, ‘We know you love our site and want to access it for information, but, as every good thing takes time, our site might also take time to upload, please be patient, we are working on to fix the issue, we know you will wait’.

Though it is long, it is still engaging and it is still focusing on your visitors and telling them that there is a reason for the slow uploading of your site and that you are confident that they will cooperate.


4. Nothing but value:

Till date, there is no replacement of the value that you provide to your customers, be it in the form of saving money, changing lifestyle or giving them an amazing experience. But whenever you post something on social media, first ask yourself, ‘What is the value in this for my visitors’? If you really have an authentic and clear answer to this question, you are heading in the right direction. People simply like to have a reason for what they do. And social media is no different. Every click, like or retweet will be triggered by some kind of value or reason.


5. Consistency matters:

When you keep on posting, you accept it or not, you develop a voice, a tone for your brand and customers get to know your personality through them, thus, it is important to maintain a consistency in your tone. If you are positioning yourself as a company which is very aggressive when it comes to sales, you have to post content showing the actions you took to be aggressive and it has to be consistent across all social media platforms, on the other hand, if you are a customer-driven company, then portray yourself as a company driven by customer’s likes and preferences and maintain your stand, this way you will develop your voice.


6. Make use of ‘you’ and ‘yours’:

People feel good when they are addresses on a personal level, same happens with your visitors, they too feel important and cared-for, if you write to them, addressing them directly, in place of saying ‘It helps’, write, ‘It is sure to help you’. Crafting engaging, intimate copy that entices readers to take action is extremely difficult to do, but thinking about things in second person is a great starting point.


7. Use a copy formula:

If you are too regular with your posts, tweets and blogs, then it is really tough and tricky to write captivating copies. Follow a formula, either a headline one or a story telling one, whichever suits your brand.


8. Keep it simple:

Simplicity is still the best thing, no matter how this world changes. You don’t always need to be very creative or innovative and as you have very short attention span of your visitors, you still need to be catchy. When it comes to social media content, simple is beautiful. Sometimes all you may need is a one or two-word caption to inspire action from your audience.


9. Add an emoji (or two):

It is no longer just used by teenagers, it has become a thing of utility and communicating with audience for marketers too. When it comes to social media posts, emoji’s can make a huge difference to your post performance. So, next time, when you are writing post for your brand include emojis to convey your feelings and play around with them.


10. Ask a question:

Start a conversation, as you do with your friends. Yes, I mean it, when you ask a question, it is human psychology to answer it, this way, they engage with your brand and feel connected. To truly engage with your audience and build genuine connections, try to see social media as an opportunity to start a conversation. Every single social media post you share can make a lasting impression with someone if you use the right copy and really connect with them.


11. Play with punctuation:

This one is the last and like all the 10 above, it is simple to understand and implement. Experiment with punctuation in your content, you may not always be correct or following the exact grammar rules, but it is ok, you can be innovative with the use of punctuation and can write a catchy post.

As long as it feels good and reads nicely, you’ll be fine and including a few extra marks could even increase your engagement.


A quick wrap-up:

I understand that incorporating all that I just suggested would be difficult, but incorporating a few, testing them and then changing or using newer ones would be a good process to start with, sometimes you have to be a bit insensitive and chop away a great content and at times, you have to make use of some content which may not be required to add value, but to make it beautiful, I hope you understand what I mean.